Monday, March 02, 2009

It's that most wonderful time of the year!

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The Doctor has a confession to make. I've never given money to a public radio station during its pledge drive. No tote bags or travel mugs for this boy! The only radio station I've ever made a pledge to is WFMU. Why WFMU and not the other public radio stations? Because WFMU doesn't get corporate funding like the NPR stations do. This means you'll never hear a commercial for soy milk, investment firms, body lotion or Fox TV. It also means that the only way they're going to stay on the air is if we make it possible for them to do so. And as anyone who knows anything about radio will tell you, running a radio station ain't cheap!

As good as WHRW is, it is only one member of a great fleet of free-form radio stations across the USA and Canada. WFMU is their East Coast flagship. WFMU has never failed to amaze The Doctor, no matter when I tune in. I keep on hearing great music which I never knew existed and probably would never know about without the hard work of the dedicated dudes and damsels in WFMU's Jersey City studios. Give them a listen and see what I mean! And while you're at it, pledge a few coins to the coolest free-form station in the nation. (Check out their pledge premiums! You'll be convinced!)

(Shout outs to WFMU web dude and former WHRW DJ, Ken Garson!)

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