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Playlist for July 16, 2008

Dead Meadow
Monday, May 5, 2008
High Noon Saloon
Madison WI USA

Droids Attack and Dark Fog opened for Dead Meadow
High Noon Saloon 4th Anniversary Party

HNS house sound engineer - John

Tapers' Notes:

Recording: Neumann KM140's (ORTF pair clamped to balcony railing FOB right side) > Beyer MV100 > Zoom H2 @48KHz/24-bit
+ Allen & Heath GL3300 SBD > Sony PCM-M1 > DAT @48KHz

DAT > Sony PCM-M1 > S/Pdif > Audiomedia III PCI card > Powermac G3/266 > Protools 4.1.1 > AIFF > Powermac G4 MDD/ Dual 1.42

WAV > Powermac G4

16-bit SBD AIFF + 24-bit audience WAV > Audacity 1.2.6
SBD AIFF > Change Speed plugin at .012% to match 24-bit audience WAV, files lined up by ear/eye, mix output as AIFF @44KHz/24-bit > Audacity (Yohng W1 limiter) > output as AIFF @44KHz/24-bit > AIFF > Audacity (tracking in 1/75 second increments) > AIFF's > xACT 1.62 > FLAC8

Set 1 (44:50.17)
Set 2 (51:27.41)


Klaus Schulze

Koln, Stadthalle Mulheim
23rd September 1977

Taper's notes:

Cassette master>Dat(32khz/lp)>Edirol UA-3D>Power Mac G4>Bias Peak/Roxio Jam>xACT>
Flac (Level 8)

Changes Made(Nero 7):
Cross-mixed tracks (87:13)
- Instrument dynamics and clarity much improved
- Stereo balance improved
Corrected phase offset -0.15 msec on track 02
Fixed glitches at 7.38 & 26.07 tr03
Improved the fade out / in around 3.00 tr03
Corrected 200+ volume and balance variations
Applied +4dB bass EQ to track 01 only

Note that the fade-out / -ins between tracks are in the original.

Quality: Worth an A+ now

The original was a little raw, without the bell-like ringing tones that are typical of
Klaus Schulze. There were also hundreds of small volume and balance variations, but all
these are now fixed (details above), so now it is a great example of the 1977 tour...

...enjoy !!

39.54 Koln01
09.04 Koln02
27.11 Koln03
12.08 Koln04

Original Notes >>>>

The recording has been very slightly and (i hope) non invasively tweaked. I used two
filters: a very small quantity of dehiss, and a little bit of enhancement for the stereo
image. A handful of clicks were also removed.

The main manipulation is of a different sort, as I decided to leave out all of the
applause: its level was far too loud and caused distortion. And since there were only
two bursts which took place without covering more than half a random note, I preferred
it this way. My opinion is that it doesn't harm the live feeling at all...!

Finally, besides said applause, the original recording sounded cut up in a couple of
places: thus I tried and cross-faded a couple of these to track the record 'properly'
(ie: to my taste!) splitting what might have been longer passages into coherent themes/

Though there's a few themes emerging here and there from known works, track naming is
an exercise better left to the most discerning Schulze collectors. ;-)
Hope you'll enjoy it!

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