Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Playlist for May 7th, 2008

Herbie Hancock
Omaha, Nebraska 17-NOV-75

Watermelon Man
Hang Up Your Hang Ups
Steppin' In it


Tony Williams Lifetime
New York
November 1969

Tony Williams
John McLaughlin
Larry Young

01 - To Whom it May Concern
02 - Emergency
03 - Unknown Title
04 - A Famous Blues
05 - Something Spiritual

**** taper's notes ****
songs 1 & 2 are from the tape that was broadcast
songs 3,4,5 are off the unedited radio station master reel

A 5 song radio broadcast from late
November 1969.

in the USA " Emergency " was released as 2 separate LP's and it appears
Polydor to stimulate interest in the 2nd LP release gave a tape with
a couple of live tracks to a New York radio station ("Emergency" and
a new song the as yet unrecorded "To Whom it May Concern")
The radio station must have asked for more so they could play a
longer live broadcast and Polydor recorded Lifetime in the studio
and gave them this tape.

Whether all 5 songs are from the same session or 2 sessions or
a mix of live and studio will only be answered when someone writing
a Tony Williams discography has access to the Polydor recording
session files.

The Coalition - Tuna Whiskey - Naked Movies (Midlantic Records)
Bobby Womack & Peace - Harlem Clavinette - Rubare Alla Mafia E Un Suicido (Dagored)
Bobbi Humphrey - Smiling Faces Sometimes - Dig This (Bue Note)

San Francisco Express
- Getting to the Moon - Getting It Together (Reynolds Records)
Frank Zappa - Voice of Cheese/9 Types of Industrial Pollution - Uncle Meat (Ryko)
Thurgood Marshall-Sugarchile Robinson - Sticks & Stones - Movement Soul Vol 2 (espdisk dot com)

Nate & Kate - Interview & Songs

Pissin' Into the Wind
Face In The Checkout Aisle

Nate & Kate are playing at the Cyber Cafe West, Friday, May 9th at 9PM.

Shuggie Otis - Freedom Flight - Inspiration Information (Luaka Bop)
Christine Lavin - Making Friends With My Grey Hair - I Was In Love with a Difficult Man (Redwing Music)
Cleavers- Guns - Any Which Way You Can (demo cassette)

R. Stevie Moore
- Cool Daddio - Delicate Tension (reissue) (Flamingo)
R. Stevie Moore - Schoolgirl - Delicate Tension (reissue) (Flamingo)
R. Stevie Moore - Pledge Your Money - Contact Risk (Fruit of the Tune)

I will be on the air next week (May 14th)
at 7AM, as usual. I will not be on the air on
Wednesday, May 21st.

- The Doctor

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