Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Playlist for January 2, 2008

Peter Gabriel
*Masonic Auditorium
*Detroit, Michigan
*JEMS Master

Set One:
01. Here Comes The Flood
02. On The Air
03. Moribund The Burgermeister
04. Waiting For The Big One
05. A Song Without Words
06. Excuse Me
07. Solsbury Hill
08. Ain't That Peculiar
09. Why Don't We

Set Two:
01. Humdrum
02. Slowburn
03. All Day And All Of The Night
04. Here Comes The Flood
05. Modern Love
06. Down The Dolce Vita
07. Back In NYC

Peter Gabriel Keyboards, Vocals
Dusty Rhodes (Robert Fripp) Guitar
Steve Hunter Guitar
Tony Levin Bass
Larry Fast Synthesizer
Alan Schwartzberg Drums
Phil Aaberg Keyboards
Jim Maelen Percussion

Taper's notes:

Peter Gabriel's first solo tour, with a great band in tow. Television
opened the show (see separate torrent for their set). The first album
the tour supported was a surprise to Genesis fans and the tour even more
so, moving away from his previous group's more prog rock tendencies.
The covers in this show may have been the most interesting part of the set.
Marvin Gaye's "Ain't That Peculiar" and the Kinks "All Day And All Of The
Night" were both very faithful to the original versions and only "Back In
NYC" provided a look back at Genesis (who had played the same hall a month
earlier). Robert Fripp's muscular playing (from behind a curtain just off
the stage) was also a unexpected surprise, seeming a world away from King

The tape came out great, location is everything. The first 15 seconds of
track one sound a little rough, but then it sharpens up nicely.

New Year's Space Mix

Guru Guru - Der Elektrolurch - Guru Guru (Brain)
Ron Geesin - Gong of Going Goes Right Through - Ruight Through and Beyond (Headscope)
David Hykes/Harmonic Choir - Hearing Solar Winds Pt 2 - Hearing Solar Winds (Ocora)
Baba Ram Dass - excerpt from 1973 WBAI call-in show - Love, Serve, Remember (ZBS Media)
Mindwebs - Thomas Disch - The Squirrel Cage
Jukebox Buddha (various) - Buddha Machine Commercial - Jukebox Buddha (Goldstaub)
Yello - She's Got A Gun - Bostich 12-inch (Stiff)

...And found sounds specially processed by Doctor B. for pure, Space Mix goodness!

Patrick MacNee & Honor Blackman - Kinky Boots (7-inch)

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