Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Playlist for November 21 2007

Patti Smith
"New York 1975"

Recorded Live at the WBAI Studio, New York, May 28,

1. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (L.
Reed) 3:58
2. The Hunter Gets Captured by The Game (S. Robinson)
3. Birdland (Smith, Sohl, Kaye, Kral) 6:36
4. Redondo Beach (Smith, Sohl, Kaye) 4:13
5. Space Monkey (Smith, Kaye) 4:36
6. Snowball (Robeson) 4:29
7. Distant Fingers (Smith, Lanier) 5:51
8. Break It Up (Smith, Verlaine) 3:33
9. Gloria (Smith, Morrison)/Sheherazade (Smith) 11:52
10. Aisle of Love (Smith, Sohl, Kaye, Kral) 3:58
10. Piss Factory (Smith) 4:51
11. Horses (Smith) 7:04

This what the "Babelogue" website has to say about
"New York 1975" :

Another version of Free Music Store (5/28/75
performance at the WBAI studio in NYC). Same song
order as above, but also includes the "Scheherazade"
rap and "Take This Woman To Be Your Wife", as well as
"Piss Factory" and "Horses" from Patti's early 1975
Central Park performance (see Live In London Smilin'
Ears album in vinyl list).
Tracklist: We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time
Together|The Hunter Gets Captured by the
Game|Birdland|Redondo Beach|Space Monkey|Snowball|
Distant Fingers|Break It Up|Gloria-Sheherazade|Aisle
of Love|Piss Factory|Horses
The sound quality is better here, but for some reason,
"Break It Up" is cut short. The liner picture is a B/W
of Patti at the microphone.
Fantastic sound, probably A-.

Coldcut - Not Paid Enough - Coldcut Cut-Outs (Ninja
Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On
-12-inch (Tommy Boy)
Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Sound Mirrors
(Ninja Tune)
P-Funk All Stars - Dope Dog - Dope Dog CD-5 (One
Avalanches - Radio - Since I LEft You (Sire)
Beanfield - Keep On Believing - DJ Kicks-Kruder &
Dorfmeister (Studio K7)

New Order - Blue Monday -12-inch (Factory)
Bevis Frond - The Miz-Maze - The Auntie Winnie Album
Can - Hunters & Collectors - Landed (Spoon-Mute)
Pere Ubu - Final Solution - Datapanik in the Year Zero
(12-inch and boxed set) (Radar Records/Geffen Records)
Chemicals Made from Dirt - Air Raid Drill - Ike
(hyped2death dot com)

Bob & Ron - Eggnog Recipe (1977)
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Burning Rubber - No New
Frank Zappa - Call Any Vegetable suite - Absolutely
Free (Ryko)
Steely Dan - Black Friday - Citizen (MCA)
Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man - Hwy 61 Revisited

Roland Kovac New Set - The Master Said - Psychedelic
Underground 7 (Garden of Delights)

Johnny Rebel (Pee-WeeTrahan) - Keep-A-Workin Big Jim

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