Tuesday, December 19, 2006

FRANK ZAPPA 66th Birthday Special

FZ Web Sites:

http://www.zappa.com/ - The Official Site


“Remember, there's a big difference between
kneeling down and bending over.”

All songs by Frank Zappa unless
otherwise noted.

Larry King Show 6-6-89 (excerpt)
Dickie's Such an Asshole - Broadway the Hard Way (Ryko)
Agency Man - Ahead of their Time (Ryko)
Plastic People - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
Excerpt from 12-21-66 interview
Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Breest, France 3-19-79
Carolina HArdcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (zappa dot com)

Holiday In Berlin Story/
Holiday In Berlin (vocal version) - Freaks and
Motherfuckers/Beat the Boots (Foo-Eee)
200 Motels Excerpt (Ryko)
The Air - Uncle Meat (Ryko)
Who Are the Brain Police - Freak Out (Ryko)
Mr. Clean - Mr. Clean - Cucamonga (Del-Fi)
Bob Guy - Dear Jeepers - Cucamonga (Del-Fi)

Paul Buff - 60 Cycle Brain - Excerpt from Dr.
Demento show 1982
Larry King Show, 6-6-89 (excerpt)
Montana-Whipping Floss - YCDTOSA Vol 2 (Ryko)
Cosmik Debris - SUNY-B - 29-OCT-72
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder, I Love You - 7-inch, 1966 (MGM)
The Rotations - Heavies - Cucamonga (Del-Fi)
Jones Crusher - Baby Snakes (Ryko)

Intro/Dead Girls of London - Brest, France 3-19-79
Honey Dontcha Want A Man Like Me? - Brest, France, 1979
Dumb All Over - YCDTOSA Vol 1
Zappa on WPIX-FM 11-19-79
Uncle Bernie's Farm - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
Big Leg Emma-Hungry Freaks - Ann Arbor, 12-3-67
The Dangerous Kitchen - Man From Utopia (Barking Pumpkin)
PSA-Do It Now Foundation-Zappa Just like your parents

Zappa talks about childhood-Panel Discussion,
Syracuse University, April 1975
Improvisations Copenhagen 10-3-68 (w-Don Cherry)
Lumpy Gravy (excerpt) (Ryko)
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted - The Lost Episodes (Ryko)
Martin Perlich Interview, 1972 (excerpt)
Dyna-Moe-Humm - Overnite Sensation (Ryko)

Howard Stern Show, 1987 (excerpt)
Texas Motel Suite - Broome County Arena March 17 1988
I Have Been In You - Sheik Yerbouti
Baby Ray & The Ferns - How's Your Bird?
- Cucamonga (Del-Fi)
Panel Discussion, Syracuse University,
April 1975 (excerpt)
Well (Fillmore East 1971-w John Lennon)
- Playground Psychotics (Ryko)
Cocaine Decisions - Man From Utopia (Ryko)

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