Thursday, September 21, 2006

Playlist for September 20, 2006

Bootleg Meltdown!

Gil Scott-Heron's Midnight Band
January 16, 1978
Berkeley, CA

Source: SBD or FM Broadcast

01. Intro
02. Gil's Opening Speech
03. "The Spirit of the Drum" (Rap & Chant over Drums)
04. Hello Sunday, Hello Road
05. 95-South (All of the Places We've Been)
06. Racetrack in France
07. We Almost Lost Detroit
08. Home is Where the Hatred Is (cut/fade out)
09. Band Introductions
10. Song of the Wind (aka Blow Wind Blow)
11. Band Introductions > The Bottle
12. Johannesburg (cut/fade out)

The Midnight Band:
Gil Scott-Heron (Vocals, Guitar, and possibly Piano)
Brian Jackson (Keyboards, Flute)
Alan Barnes (Saxophone, Synthesizer)
Delbert Tailor (Piano, Trumpet, Congas, Flugelhorn, Vocals)
Barnett Williams (Congas, Percussion)
Sigi Dillard (Bass)
Reggi Brisbane (Drums)

The source for this recording is either a SBD or FM Broadcast.
Sound quality isn't bad.

One other thing to mention is that Gil goes through the Band
Introductions on Track 9, and then again on Track 11. It
appears that tracks 1-10 are from one show, and tracks 11 and 12
are from another. It's quite possible that these 2 tracks are
from the late show, or another performance entirely (the quality
and mix on both of these performances sounds identical, so these are probably from the late show).

Be Bop Deluxe 1978 Oxford

FM broadcast

Very Good Sound, marred somewhat by improper
use of digital noise reduction.

trade cdr >> wav >> flac 8

01 New Precision (7:06)
02 Dangerous Strangers (3:34)
03 Superenigmatix (2:40)
04 Lovers Are Mortal (6:02)
05 New Mysteries (4:56)
06 Panic In The World (6:11)
07 Forbidden Lovers (4:50)
08 Love In Flames (5:43)

Led Zeppelin
Vienna, Austria

Excellent Soundboard Recording

01-Dazed And Confused 22:55
02-Stairway To Heaven 10:10
03-Boogie > Baby I Don't Care 3:46
04-Let's Have A Party 2:08
05-I Can't Quit You >
Lemon Song > Whole Lotta Love 12:02
06-Heartbreaker 8:55

running time 59:56

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