Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Playlist for February 15, 2006

Special Double-Barrel Edition!

Boot of the Week

Lenny White Group

Lenny White : drums
Marcus Miller: bass
Donald Blackmon: Keys
Jamie Glaser: Guitar
Nick Maroch: Guitar

The Roxy LA, CA

This is a great Lenny White Show from the "Streamline Tour" but he also plays stuff off "Big City and Astral Pirates" too.

For those who don't know, Lenny hooked up with Marcus Miller in Jamaica Queens NY before Miles hired him/was calling him a multi-instrmental producing genius.

1. Cuts off abrubtly at the end of last tune D1(tape flip?) AND at the end of D2 (The Sorcerer) . Sorry.

Steve McQuillen - Has Bush Forgotten? - mp3 from
Consolidated - Butyric Acid - The Business of Punishment (London)
Delta 5 - You - Singles and Sessions 1979-81 (Kill Rock Stars)
Dee Snyder, etc. - Crazy Train - Flying High Again (Magick)

Meryn Cadell - I Been Redeemed - Angel Food for Thought(Sire)
AIDS Wolf - (track 2) - The Lovvers LP (Lovepump United)
Edith Frost - My Lover Won’t Call - It’s a Game (Drag City)
Mary Lou Lord - Stars Burn Out - Baby Blue (Rubric)
Young Marble Giants - Wurlitzer Jukebox - Young Marble Giants (Rough Trade)
Was/Not Was - Zaz Turned Blue (w/ Mel Torme) - Zetrospective/Hope Springs eternal (Island)
Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun - white album (Capitol)

Eno/Snatch - RAF - B-side, King’s Lead Hat 7-inch (EG)
Sean Lennon - Into the Sun - Into the Sun (Grand Royal)
Polysics - Ah Yeah - Now is the Time (Tofu)
Tom Tom Club - Man with the 4-Way Hips - Close to the Bone (Sire)
Got a Bad Feeling - mp3 from a Gizmodo contest to
make a dance track from Hitachi hard drive
failure noises.

New Electric - Surf - The Perpetual Motion Machine

Lust Control - Planned Parenthood (Warner Bros. Gospel)
Tism - Is Everyone Having More Sex than Me?

Bruce Cockburn - SF, KFOG Studios SBD
KFOG-FM Studios
San Francisco, CA

1. Wondering Where the Lions Are
2. Tibetan Side of Town
3. Ways I Loved You
4. Justice
5. My Beat
6. Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
7. Mines of Mozambique
8. Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Pere Ubu, London, 1978

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