Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Playlist for August 31, 2005

Link of the week:

A rather unusual take on the recent disaster
in Louisiana
(WARNING: NOT work or family-safe)

Boot of the Week

The Doors
March 7, 1967
The Matrix Club
San Francisco, California

1. Back Door Man
2. My Eyes Have Seen You
3. Soul Kitchen
4. Get Off My Life, Woman
5. When The Music's Over
6. Close To You
7. Crawling Snake King
8. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
9. People Are Strange
10. Who Do You Love
11. Alabama Song
12. Crystal Ship
13. Twentieth Century Fox
14. Moonlight Drive
15 Summer's Almost Gone
16. Unhappy Girl
17. The Devil Is A Woman> Sittin' Round Thinkin'> Rock Me
18. Break On Through
19. Light My Fire
20. The End

K. Leimer - Dark Form - Statistical Truth (
Noise from a phreaking web site (
(WARNING: For some reason, experimenting with the phone
system is considered illegal)
Homemade space effects from the kitchens of
Bartlemuzik Ltd.
Ever Onward (IBM company anthem, late 1940's)-
Neil Nappe - Nova - July (Audion)
George Harrison - Under the Mersey Wall - Electronic Music (Apple/EMI)
Raymond Scott - Organized Mind - Manhattan Research (
P. Miles Bryson -
Raymond Scott - IBM commercial, 1950's - Manhattan Research (
Perrey & Kingsley - The Savers - The Out Sound from Way In (Vanguard)
The Platforms - Bang Me - Kicked Off (

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