Friday, December 03, 2004

Playlist for December 1, 2004

Sorry I got this up so late, kids!

Link of the week: (WARNING - Not a porn site by any means, but full of adult content nonetheless).

Format: Album - Track - Album (label)


William DeVaughan - Be Thankful for What You Got - Be Thankful for What You Got (Roxbury)
Mocean Worker - Tres Tres Chic - Aural & Hearty (Palm)
Zobo Funn Band - The Great Pudenda - Live at the Haunt 1980 (
Little Sister - You're The One - (WFMU pledge premium)

Frank Zappa & the Mothers - I'm So Happy I Could Cry - Joe's Corsage (
Frank Zappa & the Mothers - Absolutely Free - We're Only In It For the Money (restored version - Rykodisc)
XTC - Instant Tunes - White Music (Virgin)
Brian Eno - Third Uncle - Takign Tiger Mountain by Strategy (Editions EG)

Negativland - I Am God - Free (Seeland)
Jimi Hendrix - Day Tripper - Radio One (Ryko)
Oscar Sulley and the Uhuru Dance Band - Bukom Mashie - Ghana Soundz (

Lesbians on Ecstasy - Revolt - Lesbians on Ecstasy (
Fat Boy Slim - Slash Dot Dash - Palookaville
Johnny Dowd - Johnny B Goode - live at the Chapterhouse, Ithaca, NY ( for more info on the band)

Dana Ray Dernton - Midi Blues - "Made On A Mackie" promo CD from Mackie, 1993

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