Monday, December 05, 2022

Bartlemania for the week of December 6, 2022

21:00:00  3:15  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:08  3:07  George Harrison  Apple Scruffs  All Things Must Pass (2020 Mix)  Apple
21:06:04  3:01  R Stevie Moore  I Hope That You Remember  CLACK

21:09:30  3:51  R. Stevie Moore  Delicate Tension (vocal version)  Verve 2 (bonus disc)
21:13:19  1:59  R. STEVIE MOORE  Let's Make The Water Turn Black  Pow Wow
21:15:15  4:46  R. STEVIE MOORE  Waiting For Life To Stop  Pow Wow

21:20:45  6:34  Holy Modal Rounders  Secondhand Watch-Radar Blues  Indian War Whoop  ESP-Disk
21:27:17  1:29  Hypnotic Clambake  100 Volts  Kent The Zen Master  Blue Bottom Records
21:28:42  6:20  Incredible String Band  Hiram Pawnitof-Fairies' Hornpipe  "U"  Collectors Choice

21:35:31  7:29  Bevis Frond  Well  Example 22  Woronzow
21:42:55  4:12  Joy Division  She's Lost Control  The Complete BBC Recordings  Fuel 2000
21:47:01  5:12  David Minnick with Laurie Anderson  Reverse Engineering  Only an Expert

21:52:39  5:49  Butthole Surfers  Sweat Loaf  Locust Abortion Technician  Touch And Go

22:00:26  11:00  John Cale & Terry Riley  Ides of March  Church of Anthrax  Wounded Bird

22:11:36  5:00  Cut Chemist  Disc 1 Track 4  Rare Equations  private pressing
22:16:35  18:12  Cut Chemist  Disco Is Dead (excerpt)  Disco Is Dead

22:35:08  15:31  Can  Animal Waves  Saw Delight  Spoon

22:50:53  7:07  Hooker-Miller-Ranaldo  Monsoon (excerpt)  Monsoon  Atavistic

Monday, November 28, 2022

Bartlemania for the week of November 29, 2022

21:00:00  3:14  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:08  2:21  Big Guitars from Texas  Ride of the Ruthless  Big Guitars From Texas  Ryko

21:05:46  3:27  Devo  Satisfaction  Max's Kansas City Nov 15 1977  Jackpot
21:09:14  7:06  Devo  Uncontrollable Urge-Mongoloid  Max's Kansas City Nov 15 1977  Jackpot

21:16:48  2:27  Fanny  Charity Ball  Charity Ball  Real Gone Music
21:19:16  3:49  Fanny  Hey Bulldog  Fanny Hill  Real Gone Music

21:23:21  2:45  Rachel Sweet  Cuckoo Clock  Fool Around  Stiff
21:26:04  4:27  David Bowie  Panic In Detroit  Aladdin Sane  EMI

21:30:51  4:18  Christine Lavin  The Voice On The Relaxation Tape  One More Song  Philo
21:35:00  3:22  Love Of Life Orchestra  Siberia  New Music From Antarctica Vol 1  Antarctica

21:38:59  18:12  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  King Kong Medley (1969 mix)  Meat Light  Zappa
21:57:13  0:47  Eugene Chadbourne  In A Silent Way (excerpt)  not on album

22:00:26  6:31  Hermann Szobel  Mr Softee  Szobel  Arista

22:07:25  11:14  Josh Oxford  Tritox  Recorded Live at Lot 10 Ithaca NY Dec 20 2019  Bartlemania exclusive

22:19:07  11:05  Sun Ra  Dance of the Cosmo Aliens  Disco 3000  Art Yard

22:30:29  10:24  Can  Vier  Live In Stuttgart 1975  Spoon

22:41:23  14:46  SUNN O))) w-Boris  Blood Swamp  Altar  Southern Lord

21:56:19  1:15  Jona Lewie  Kitchen At Parties (excerpt)  7-inch  Stiff

Monday, November 21, 2022

Bartlemania for the week of November 22, 2022

Hour 1

21:00:00  3:14  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:06  4:01  Steinski & The Mass Media  The Motorcade Sped On  What Does It All Mean?  Illegal Art

21:07:47  13:14  Jimi Hendrix Experience  Red House  Hendrix In The West  Experience Hendrix

21:21:11  4:52  Jeff Beck w/Rod Stewart  Ain't Superstitious  Truth  Epic
21:26:03  7:45  Camper Van Beethoven  Interstellar Overdrive  Camper Van Beethoven  IRS

21:34:06  2:01  The Beatles  And Your Bird Can Sing (2022 Mix)  Revolver (Super Deluxe Ed)  Parlophone
21:36:02  5:10  Ill Chemist  Feel Alright  not on album  no label
21:40:59  9:26  Eddie Hazel  I Want You (She's so Heavy)  Games Dames And Guitar Thangs  Real Gone Music

21:50:53  4:01  Billy Bragg  Accident Waiting To Happen  Don't Try This At Home  Elektra
21:54:50  3:04  Nicole Panter  Confession (music by Conlon Nancarrow added)  Cause-Rock For Choice  Piece Of Mind

Hour 2

22:00:28  2:47  Link Wray  Fatback  The Original Rumble  Ace
22:03:11  3:12  Keith Levene  Cops Too  Keith Levene  Rykodisc
22:06:16  5:31  Seatrain  Despair Tire  Seatrain/Marblehead Messenger  BGO

22:12:22  6:42  Ian Dury & The Blockheads  Reasons To Be Cheerful,  Part 3 (12-inch mix)  Do It Yourself (expanded)  Fuel
22:18:55  9:07  Hubert Sumlin  Wake Up Call  Wake Up Call  Blues Planet

21:28:39  14:43  Alice Coltrane & Carlos Santana  Angel of Sunlight  Illuminations  Columbia

21:43:35  13:25  Avoidance  There is a Hole in the Moon I Shall Fill with Shadow and Bone (excerpt)  Avoidance

Monday, November 14, 2022

Bartlemania - Week of November 15, 2022

Hour 1

21:00:00  3:15  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:15  2:34  Loudon Wainwright  Smokey Joe's Cafe  Album III  Columbia

21:06:01  4:05  John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat  Let's Make It  Hooker & Heat  BGO
21:10:01  2:41  Bull Moose Jackson  Keep Your Big Mouth Shut  Bad Man Jackson  Proper
21:12:42  2:53  Cab Calloway  A Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird  Are You Hep To The Jive  Okeh

21:16:02  2:32  The Byrds  CTA-102  Younger Than Yesterday  Columbia
21:18:24  3:27  The Byrds  Moog Raga  The Notorious Byrd Brothers (CD reissue)  Columbia
21:21:44  2:13  The Byrds  Mr Spaceman  Fifth Dimension  Columbia

21:24:12  2:54  Sonic Youth  Secret Girl  EVOL  DGC
21:26:56  2:15  Conlon Nancarrow  Study Number 3d  Studies For Player Piano  Other Minds
21:29:03  2:36  Frank Zappa  Project X (excerpt) (1969 mix)  Meat Light

21:32:09  1:57  The Hombres  It's A Gas  7-inch  Verve-Forecast
21:34:02  1:55  The Housekeepers  I Gotta Know  7-inch  Clone
21:35:57  1:41  The Vores  Get Outta My Way  7-inch  Family Only
21:37:38  3:06  Elvis Costello  Alison (synth-enhanced AOR version)  7-inch  Columbia
21:40:37  1:43  The Pink Chunk  Kitchen Cantata  7-inch  Monster Wax

21:43:07  8:36  Big Mean Sound Machine  Mulatu  live at Angry Mom Records April 19 2014  not on album  no label

21:52:09  5:51  Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura   Old & Out The Way (excerpt)  The Grand Celestial Purge

Hour 2

22:00:25  23:08  Tower of Power  Knock Yourself Out  Live & In Living Color  WB

22:23:42  9:23  Egg  Boilk  The Polite Force  Esoteric
22:33:02  8:33  Jefferson Starship  X-M/Starship  Blows Against The Empire  RCA

22:41:59  16:01  Tangerine Dream  Origin of Supernatural Probabilities (excerpt)  Zeit  Castle

Note: This week's playlist is in the format for quarterly reporting, required on one of the stations Bartlemania runs on. My playlist will be back to its usual format next week.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Bartlemania for the week of November 8, 2022

Bartlemania will not be heard at 9PM on November 8 on WRFI. Instead, it will be aired at midnight to make way for election news and commentary.

Bartlemania will be heard at the usual times on the other stations that it runs on.


Hour 1

21:00:00  3:14  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:14  2:54  Milton Berle  Yellow Submarine  7-inch  VMC
21:06:08  2:39  The Beatles  Yellow Submarine (2022 Mix)  Revolver (Super Deluxe Ed)  Parlophone

21:09:00  5:29  Led Zeppelin  The Song Remains The Same  Houses Of The Holy  Atlantic
21:14:27  3:00  Masters of Reality  T.U.S.A.  Sunrise on the Sufferbus  Chrysalis
21:17:26  5:43  The Fall  Detective Instinct  Room To Live  CogSinister

21:23:34  3:27  Taste  Blister On The Moon  Taste  Polydor
21:26:55  3:32  Tom Jones w-The Cardigans  Burning Down The House  Tom Jones Reloaded  Decca
21:30:22  4:04  Talking Heads  Heaven #2  Fear Of Music-Early Mix  not on album  no label

21:35:03  2:39  Mama Cass Elliot  California Earthquake  7-inch  ABC-Dunhill
21:37:42  3:22  Syl Johnson  Is It Because I'm Black?  7-inch  Twinight
21:41:04  3:29  CJ and Co  Big City Sidewalk  7-inch  Westbound

21:44:56  5:22  Quicksilver Messenger Service  Fresh Air  Just For Love  BGO
21:50:13  4:17  Crosby Stills & Nash  Long Time Gone  Crosby Stills & Nash  Rhino
21:54:26  3:34  Goldenrod  The Gator Society(excerpt)  Goldenrod

Hour 2

22:00:27  6:08  Bangor Flying Circus  Norwegian Wood  Bangor Flying Circus  One-Way
22:06:33  10:08  Magma  Kobaia  Kobaia

22:17:03  5:03  Copernicus  The Sound Of The Mind  Null  Nevermore
22:22:01  8:38  Robbie Basho  Mountain Man's Farewell  The Seal Of The Blue Lotus  Takoma

22:31:02  6:49  RuckZuck  Infinity  Live From The Studio  Ruckzuck Music
22:37:51  9:45  The Olivia Tremor Control  Green Typewriter  Jumping Fences  Blue Rose

22:48:11  9:47  Yannick Dauby  Alisen (excerpt)  Alisen  Kalerne Editions

Friday, October 28, 2022

Bartlemania for the week of November 1, 2022

Hour 1

Silicon Teens - Chip 'N' Roll - Music For Parties (Mute)
Jonathan Richman - Cold Pizza - Cold Pizza & Other Hot Stuff (Blue Arrow)

Jeff Beck (w/Rod Stewart) - Morning Dew - Truth (Epic)
Bob Dylan - Sweetheart Like You - Infidels (Columbia)
Negativland - Four Fingers - A Big 10-8 Place (Seeland)

The Beatles:

And Your Bird Can Sing (2022 Mix)
Rain (2022 Stereo Mix)
Yellow Submarine (Highlighted Sound Effects)
She Said She Said (Mono)

All tracks from the Revolver Super Deluxe Edition (Apple)

Ozric Tentacles - Erpriff-Glastonbury Oct '85 - Live Ethereal Cereal (Dovetail)
Butthole Surfers - Bong Song - Widowermaker EP (Touch and Go)
David Bowie - The Next Day - The Next Day (ISO/Columbia)

The Flock - Crabfoot - Flock Rock (Columbia)

Hour 2

Lord Buckley - The Nazz - His Royal Hipness (Discovery)

The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Center of the Ultraworld (Loving You) - The Orb-Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

Gavin Bryars - The Sinking of the Titanic - The Sinking of the Titanic (Virgin)

Bubba Crumrine - New Cartographers - Center & Blur (

Monday, October 24, 2022

Bartlemania, Week of October 25, 2022

Hour 1

Silicon Teens - Chip 'N' Roll - Music For Parties (Mute)

Funki Porcini - Pere Pete Pete - Let's See What Carmen Can Do (Ninja Tune)
Funki Porcini - Ritmo Di Jazz - Let's See What Carmen Can Do (Ninja Tune)

The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today - Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)
Menace - Screwed Up - Screwed Up-The Best of Menace (Taang!)
Eater - Outside View - All Of Eater (Creativeman)
Fugazi - Waiting Room - 13 Songs (Dischord)

Cibo Matto - White Pepper Ice Cream - Viva La Woman (WB)
Elvis Costello - Ship Of Fools - Sep 30, 2022 SF, CA Late Show
Baron Lee & The Blue Rhythm Band - Reefer Man - Viper Mad Blues (Jass)
Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come To My House - Are You Hep To The Jive (Okeh)

Billy Murray - Profiteering Blues - 78RPM record (1920) ( Victor )
Mick Farren & The Deviants - Let's Loot The Supermarket (Like We Did Last Summer) - This CD Is Condemned (Total Energy)
The Bad Plus - My Friend Metatron - Never Stop (EmArcy)

Nick Lowe - Time I Took A Holiday - Dig My Mood (Upstart)
CATACOMBZ - Long Pretty Fingers - Mother Tongue 2 (

Hour 2

FAUST - At The Beginning - SF May 8 1994
- - - - - - - - - -
Some notes on this particular Faust gig from head honcho, Jean-Herve Peron:

This tour April/May 1994 was the  first Faust  USA tour…Jeff Hunt of TotE ( Table of the Elements label)  invited us . You will hear his voice on track  3 [not played this time - maybe next time], wishing us  a good gig in Oslo . I had broken my hand  but managed to do the show with three fingers which I  had freed from the cast 😊 …So Zappi and me  packed a few things and together wth Carina Varain as our tour manager  ( god, it was ever so good to have her with us as she solved many many infrastructural problems on that tour ! ) , also Rolli Blunck , a friend who I worked with , building sets for foto and flm shootings , as stage manager, welding on stage  and explosions expert. ,,,and… Jeanne-Marie . She was 4 years old at the time and VERY excited at the all luggage belts of all airports  we went through … she could not wait for  grabbing our suitcases  as if it was Xmas everytime …I recall a very “ USA” experience : we had rented a “ normal” car to do the first gigs ( Atlanta etc…)  but we got a free upgrade to a Lincoln Continental ! nice ..;)

On the tour ,  Steven Wray Lobdell joined us with his fantastic/crazy guitar  and we were very lucky to have also Scott McLeod joining us , such a good sound engineer , such a grand person.

On that tour  we had the honor to meet and jam with  lots of  great muscians : AMM, Barbara Manning, Michael Morley, Sonic Youth, Tony Conrad , Keiji Haino.

IN San Francisco , we were introduced to Erling Wold on piano , Stephen Kent and Mark Growden on didgeridoos. ..definitely enriching !

- - - - - - - - - -

Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura - The Last Gasp - The Grand Celestial Purge (

Avoidance (Ithaca, NY -  Lexi Turner (Prayer Rope) and E. Weber-Han (The Electrozone) ) There is a Hole in the Moon I Shall Fill with Shadow and Bone ( - Free download as of the date of this posting.

James Spitznagel - M-Exit - SMX (Level Green)

R. STEVIE MOORE - Sidelines - Ob Newschk (